Benefit Advocates Retirees and Medicare

Retirees and Medicare

If you are a retiree or Medicare recipient, Benefit Advocates can simplify the complex healthcare process, negotiate directly on your behalf with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, and save you time and money for what matters most!

As an independent third party, we protect your privacy and can confidentially resolve medical, pharmacy, mental health, and other sensitive medical issues.

Our Medicare Adviser program includes a complete line of
retiree and Medicare services:

  • Helping retirees transition from active to retiree health plans
  • Helping working seniors understand when to apply for Medicare B
  • Helping with enrollment in Medicare A & B and selecting a Medicare D plan
  • Medicare primary/secondary coordination and claims resolution
  • Resolving health, dental and drug claims
  • Appealing claims or denials of coverage
  • Understanding health plan provisions and evaluating best options at retirement
  • Locating the best doctors, hospitals and second opinions
  • Deciphering medical terminology to help retirees understand their benefits
  • Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

Benefit Advocates carries errors and omissions insurance for your peace of mind. If ever we give incorrect information that results in unpaid medical expenses, we’ll pay your bill. (We’ve never had to use it, but we wouldn’t work without it – another reason you can trust our guidance.)

To talk to one of our representatives, email us, or call 800-344-5677 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Medicare Guidelines

Guidelines for Working after 65Working After Age 65

What happens when you turn 65 and you want to keep working?

What is required regarding Medicare?

Do you need to sign up? 

What happens if you do nothing?

For most of us, choosing when to retire is one of the biggest decisions we’ll make. Making the right moves at the right time can have significant impact on a variety of things, like your finances and healthcare coverage.

At Benefit Advocates, we’re here to help you navigate the Medicare Enrollment process, including if you plan to continue working. Through our “Working Seniors and Medicare – What You Need To Know” booklet, you’ll learn all of the answers to your Medicare questions.

For only $6.50, you can receive invaluable information about Medicare, and what you need to know about the enrollment process if you plan to continue your career.

We have an electronic file you can download, or we’ll mail you a copy to review at your convenience.

Working Seniors and Medicare – What You Need To Know

Digital Download
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Price: $6.50

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