If you have clients who are tired of spending hours trying to solve employee healthcare claims issues, we have solutions you may want to offer.

We can work on your client’s behalf, and that means that the expertise your clients need to resolve even the most complex healthcare benefit issues is just a phone call away. No automated messaging systems – that’s our promise. We solve claim problems, find the best doctors, or get answers to confidential healthcare questions. We also can assist with dental, vision and HSA plans, as well as disability claims.

Benefit Advocates Brokers
Benefit Advocates Brokers

Our benefits professionals have more than 150 years of combined industry experience. We will:

  • Negotiate on employee’s behalf with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies when coverage is denied.
  • Provide appeals and claims services or resolve billing disputes related to health, dental, drug, and other plans.
  • Research to identify the best doctors and specialists for a medical condition and obtain price comparisons or second opinions.
  • Guide employees through health insurance options, and other benefit selections while employed, at retirement or after a job loss, including selecting, enrolling and coordinating Medicare benefits.
  • Help employees in coordinating primary and secondary insurance coverage.