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HR Support Solutions

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Innovative Solutions for Today & Tomorrow

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, Benefit Advocates serves as your strategic partner, offering tailored solutions to address the evolving needs of your organization and employees. Time is precious – every hour spent navigating complex healthcare issues is time diverted from core business activities. We seamlessly integrate with your benefits team, providing industry-leading support to optimize resources and drive productivity.

Benefits Enrollment and Guidance

Our team deciphers details related to enrolling in benefits. As new benefits emerge and benefit vendors change, we help employees adjust and take advantage of the array of benefits offered.

Medicare Expertise

With the rising trend of employees working beyond age 65, our team specializes in providing Medicare Advisory Services. We guide clients through the complexities of Medicare coverage, ensuring they make informed decisions.

Prescriptions Assistance

As benefit plans change, our team helps navigate changes in prescription coverages and explore a variety of strategies for getting prescriptions at the lowest cost.

Outpatient Diagnostics Cost Management

As outpatient diagnostics become a major expense, we provide guidance to ensure employees receive optimal care at competitive prices.

Customized Reporting and Analysis

We understand that one size does not fit all; our tailored metrics and reports enable you to meet unique goals and objectives effectively.

Appeals Guidance and Claims Services

Our team of experts provide guidance on appeals, complex healthcare claims, claim denials, and billing errors.

Unlocking the Power of Advocacy

Don’t let the complexities of healthcare impede your employees’ productivity. With Benefit Advocates by your side, you can trust that your employees have compassionate advocates with the expertise to navigate the challenges of health insurance claims. Whether it’s tackling issues with health, dental, or vision claims, educating about HDHP/HSA plans, managing annual enrollment, or providing guidance on Medicare, we’re here to advocate for your employees every step of the way.

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Why Choose Us

Real People, Real Answers

Tired of being bombarded with health plan inquiries? Our dedicated call center provides confidential, compassionate guidance and support, ensuring employees feel empowered and valued.

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee:

Benefit Advocates is committed to delivering exceptional service and offers a satisfaction guarantee. We perform ongoing evaluations through various methods to ensure we meet your expectations. Should our services not achieve the high satisfaction standards we set, we will issue a refund of a portion of our fees. For added assurance, we maintain comprehensive insurance and keep detailed records of all interactions.

Beneficial Tools and Resources

Discover our essential tools and resources tailored to enhance your healthcare journey.

HDHPs and HSAs

Benefit Advocates assists employees in comprehending High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), guiding them to derive the greatest benefit and utilize these plans effectively. Recognizing the complexities of HSA plans, Benefit Advocates possesses the specialized knowledge to support Human Resources departments in demystifying these intricacies for employees.

Annual Healthcare Insurance Enrollment

Benefit Advocates provides comprehensive support to employees by clarifying their plans and benefits, including any updates or newly introduced options. Additionally, Benefit Advocates aids and assists in the annual enrollment process with employees, ensuring they can fully utilize their benefit plans.

Medicare Claims Advisory Services

Benefit Advocates offers comprehensive Medicare consultations, equipping your employees with the knowledge needed to navigate Medicare with confidence. From determining the right time to enroll in Medicare, to understanding Medicare Supplement vs. Advantage plans, we provide support and education to alleviate the confusion around the milestone of transitioning to Medicare.