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Innovative Solutions for Today & Tomorrow

Are your clients exhausted from spending countless hours grappling with employee healthcare claims issues? Benefit Advocates offers tailored solutions that you can confidently present to your clients. With our dedicated team working on behalf of your clients, expert assistance for even the most intricate healthcare benefit challenges is just a phone call away – no automated messaging systems, guaranteed. We specialize in resolving claims problems, providing confidential healthcare guidance, along with assistance for dental, vision, and HSA plans.

Appeals Guidance and Claims Services

Our team of experts provide guidance on appeals, complex healthcare claims, claim denials, and billing errors.

Health Insurance Guidance

From selecting and enrolling in health insurance options during employment to navigating benefits at retirement or after job loss, we guide employees every step of the way.

Policy Change Expertise

We assist companies in creating graphs and other visuals and consistent explanations to clarify changes that can be confusing or troubling for employees.

Intermediary Solutions

Benefit Advocates collaborates closely with insurance carriers, delving into issues as a mediator on behalf of employees. We facilitate communication and problem-solving, advising employees on the best course of action.

Unlocking the Power of Advocacy

Don’t let the complexities of healthcare impede your employees’ productivity. With Benefit Advocates by your side, you can trust that your employees have compassionate advocates with the expertise to navigate the challenges of health insurance claims. Whether it’s tackling issues with health, dental, or vision claims, educating about HDHP/HSA plans, managing annual enrollment, or providing guidance on Medicare, we’re here to advocate for your employees every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Real People, Real Answers

For over 20 years Benefit Advocates has been providing healthcare advocacy and other benefit support services to our clients and their employees. Our team of experienced benefits professionals ensure unparalleled expertise and support for your clients.

Elevate your brokerage services with Benefit Advocates. Partner with us to offer your clients superior solutions for their healthcare benefit needs.

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee:

Benefit Advocates is committed to delivering exceptional service and offers a satisfaction guarantee. We perform ongoing evaluations through various methods to ensure we meet your expectations. Should our services not achieve the high satisfaction standards we set, we will issue a refund of a portion of our fees. For added assurance, we maintain comprehensive insurance and keep detailed records of all interactions.