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Ovarian Cancer – Two Very Scary Words

I recently lost a beloved family member to this horrible disease. A 34 -year old woman who had everything to live for and whose life ended way too early. They call ovarian cancer the “silent killer.” Often women have no symptoms, so ovarian cancer is diagnosed at stage 3 or 4. Late diagnosis results in […]

Don’t Let Technology Override Rules of Etiquette

Online condolences?? How far have we sunk? An email (if that) instead of a thank you note, begging people to respond to wedding invitations; How did my referral work out for you? I don’t like any of these scenarios, but unfortunately we’ve come to accept them. But online condolences. Whose idea was this? And who […]

Medicare Presentations Now Available

If a population of your workforce is approaching retirement age, look to Benefit Advocates to help you inform them about their Social Security and Medicare options. Mary Kesel offers a variety of presentations to large and small groups to instruct them about the in’s and out’s of Social Security and Medicare benefits, and when to […]

ISCEBS Sponsorship Announced

We are pleased to announce that Benefit Advocates will be a Sponsor for the 38th Annual ISCEBS Employee Benefits Symposium Sept 8-11 in New Orleans. This Symposium has been the must-attend event for thousands of corporate benefits professionals over the years. Designed with a variety of U.S., Canadian and globally oriented sessions, the Symposium is an […]

What To Do About Insurance Claim Denials

Health insurance claim denials are becoming more and more common. Typical reasons for claim denials include: incomplete or inaccurate insurance information; lack of pre-certification or prior authorization; diagnosis and procedure coding errors and omissions; and, insufficient medical necessity. When do you give up on a denied health insurance claim? It might not make sense to […]

Medicare Fast Facts

The following is a complation of posts regarding Medicare benefits, Medicare costs, and Medicare planning.

How To Maneuver HSA & Medicare

Medicare Basics For 2013 for Working Seniors and Dependents – Who Is Eligible, HSA Rules and Domestic Partner Coverage You’re beginning to see the landscape change for Medicare, and as more and more people working past the age 65, HR professionals are having to navigate mine fields to ensure the right people are getting the […]